Monthly Archives: February 2016

Here goes – very first time

Well I’ve started!  Who knows where this is going to go but I’ve decided to blog regarding my sort of new addiction – sewing.

The thought started a little while ago but I didn’t really act upon it as other things took precedence, i.e. family, work other hobbies, lack of time and resources.  About 2yrs ago my eldest son wanted a curtain to include in his mobile disco booth set up and asked my husband if mum could sew the fabric he had bought into the curtain he needed.  I was volunteered as my husband had many years earlier bought me a very basic, small sewing machine ( very affordably priced at the time and costing circa £60 now) and knew that I liked the idea of sewing.  Unfortunately he had no idea that I would be useless at tackling a project that my son would need a very professional finish for.  I should be flattered that everyone felt I would be able to just do this but actually I became a bit frustrated by the whole debacle and it led to a fair bit of bad feeling between us all.  The curtain was a disaster and I still have the remnants of it hanging around as a constant reminder but it seemed to fuel a passion to get going with learning how to sew and get upskilled.  The Great British Sewing Bee had been on TV by this time and the rise of some fabric shops in a town nearby made me focus more and more about acting on my thoughts.

It took me ages hanging around in the fabric shop trying to look as if I knew what I was doing before I actually bought some fabric.  I listened in around people who were having conversations with the sales assistants and tried to work out what I would need to do to get my first fabric purchase underway, should I just take a roll to the counter, ask the assistant what to do, ask my husband to find out…. ideas all formulated but nothing really happened for several weeks until I felt confident enough to make a move.  I even allowed other people  priority access to things I was looking at in the shop so that I could observe how they handled the items and purchased them. It sounds weird now but I didn’t want to mess up as I wanted to do this so much. I felt I would learn more if I did things the way others did.  I dreaded someone asking me a question that I wouldn’t be able to answer when I tried to purchase fabric in the shop so I felt I had to hold off until I could confidently negotiate the transaction.  You do have to bear in mind this was a quiet store with no proper direction or signposting around the store.  The people using the store seemed pretty well versed in how to seamlessly negotiate the set up and approach the assistants with some sort of shorthand to achieve what they needed. Fabrics weren’t labelled and not always priced etc which added to the challenge. How to buy patterns was a complete mystery until I saw someone unsuccessfully attempt this which was probably more help than if they had managed it.

At some point I managed to purchase a pattern, some fabric and my very first project was a pair of pyjama bottoms in stretch fabric but this wasn’t easy and I’ll speak more about this next time.