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Musings about things – pattern review site

Never quite sure what to do next but thought I would talk about which is a brilliant site for checking out if someone else has made the pattern that you are thinking about sewing.  You can look and see what comments and pictures are available for the pattern and some people (most) give valuable feedback on the pattern with regard to how they tackled the instructions, fit etc.

I have posted about some of the above sewing projects on the site and have had some comments back about the patterns.  The top left dress is the Orla dress with was a free PDF pattern on  There have been some lovely versions of this pattern on the usual social media platforms.

The blue jumpsuit is a pattern from sew la di da vintage and I used some poly cotton from BST fabrics (£1.99 a meter). I made it as a wearable toile.

The striped number is a simple sew culottes pattern which I sent away for as a free promotion from one of the sewing magazines.

The skirt with a back vent is a burda forward seams jeans skirt with a front fly zip which you can’t see very well as my picture taking is atrocious.  I lengthened the skirt at the bottom without thinking about the impact on the vent.  Obviously I should have used the shorten/lengthen lines that were marked on the pattern – as long as I learn from this I will be fine!

The burda trousers are slimlegged with stirrups and I used the same stretch denim that I used for the jeans skirt – my online.  A fabric site I like to use as they give great descriptions and can have great prices but their delivery can be hit and miss.  It is shipped from Germany.

The top is one that I quickly made from a simplicity pattern with minerva crafts fabric.  I had intended to use the fabric for a kimono style top but wanted to make a top fairly swiftly so sacrifice the kimono plans.

I would include more about the makes but as I seem to be the only one reading this ….for the time being I think I will keep it short and simple ish.

more pics and ?more writing


Here we go again.  Thinking that as I have left it so long between posts I had better start again.  Beginning to feel that I am getting somewhere.  I am wearing some of my makes and even some can go out of the home!  Great stuff.  These are some of the older makes – a few worn but most not worn due to fit or style or just general concern that they are not quite right!  Going to start blogging about stuff I make and can wear…..Yippee

Wonder if I will be able to reorder my posts….it’s not only sewing I’m struggling with.  Hmm think I can tackle this but it’s very confusing. Hopefully speak to you soon but if the date shows later than 31 08 17, I will have successfully put this post in the right slot!

Some more tales of sewing experience

Well I started sewing and quickly had to upgrade my sewing machine.  I had been bought a little singer machine by my hubby several years ago but unfortunately never really had the time to tackle anything with it – I think it cost about £60 or so pounds.  There was no youtube or similar available for me at this time but hubby did buy me a lovely sewing book, which has been read now but really was too advanced for my feeble skills when bought. I had no idea about how to even sew in a straight line (which reminds me of  a time when I applied to a local sewing factory in the summer holidays and went for an interview.  About 10 of us were there and we were all asked to sew a straight line on some fabric and they were going to time us……….. I didn’t get offered a job.)  Well anyway I had plucked up courage to buy some lovely mint green and black striped fabric and got it  home.  I got out the pattern and had some hot sweats trying to figure out how to cut it out and then I had to try and use this singer machine to sew.  I had no clue about needles or thread or jersey fabric so this led to a big mess and the idea that upgrading the sewing machine was the way to go.  It was obviously nothing to do with my inability to research how to sew or how to use a machine or what needles were needed for what fabrics – it just needed a new machine.  Luckily the Great British Sewing Bee had ignited a fire in my belly and as they were using Janome – a Janome 525s was studied and found acceptable (bloody exciting actually because this was my journey toward being the best sewist in the Universe!)  The project was not without its problems however as knowing how to read the pattern and transfer the knowledge was not easily overcome.  Cutting a pattern on the fold was fine but when it came to sewing the garment I felt the fold should be cut so I could sew it……..hmmm don’t think I really understood the cutting on the fold thing.  I quickly learnt ball point needles were needed.  I soon knew I was not going to be the best sewist in the universe or even the house to be quite frank.  I think the cat could have done a better job but oh my the bug was in the system.  Anyway I am not going to go on and on but I am going to attempt to put up some pics and 3 years on from the second sewing machine and several youtubes, pinterests, blogs, books, crafting channels and sewing magazines later I will start to do a regular blog  – I think!

blue heart summer dress hanging

Tanya Whelan – too many dresses too little time ( I think its called)

New look 6095 option D

made this but never wore it – didn’t understand how to fit it

Angela Kane Jeans

Angela Kane pattern and her YouTube channel

burda7062 option b owl trews

very similar stye to the sew-over-it London ultimate trousers but with a bit of styling detail on the ankle area