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Birthday makes and Black Friday patterns




Ok so here we are again.  The Bettine has been dismantled but there is no wonder garment created from it….. basically it is now a bodice (fraying mess) and a skirt (a piece of fabric awaiting amendment) which can not be worn and gives me some guilt when I see it in the sewing room.  Never mind – I have become older (officially marked by the annual event) and had a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top pattern and a Deer and Doe Melilot top pattern.  Both have been traced and the TATB Agnes (size 5) has even been made in some stripey jersey (Truro Fabrics)  with the neckband being put on and off 4 times in all!  I have also made a McCalls 7322 top (learn to sew range – or as I like to call it …the nearly ready to throw in the bin range) in a lovely elephant jersey print from BST fabrics. The print appeared to be non directional with the elephants going up and down but when I had made it I decided it was one directional with the hearts only going one way.  Of course I had sewn it with the hearts all upside down but luckily that was totally a style choice (ggrrrrrrr….) I put the neckband on upside down (more easily done than anyone would have thought especially as the notches should have been a give-away or in my case ignored.) I helpfully trimmed the seam and had used a nice tight zigzag and applied the neckband facing, under stitching it to the band as well.  How I loved trying to rectify that one….. more learning done.  Note to self, as Lisa Comfort says ‘’if the notches aren’t matching stop sewing.”  Damned good advice Lisa, next time I am going to listen.

The Lara Set

I remodelled the Lara set top that I made previously – sewing with a smaller seam allowance and removing the bust darts and I feel that I could actually wear it now without people thinking I should return the small child’s clothes to the child.  In fact damn it dear IBFs – it bloody fits.  It probably doesn’t look the best with stripey trousers and sheepskin slippers but I totally rock the look, thank goodness I only go out once or twice a year and usually to very quiet places.

Husbie wanted a shirt altered – too wide and flappy at the back he said.  Might take months I said.  1hour later it was ready for him to wear and he is totally happy with the rather crude but neat alteration – best not to dwell on this one for too long.  Nothing to see, move on.

Black Friday – oh yes please.  Ginger jeans PDF (mid rise skinny and stove pipe legs – whatever those are) bought and downloaded, Colette Moneta PDF bought downloaded printed and cut out (Version 3).

Minerva Fabrics searched, basket filled, checkout negotiated, sit back and wait for fabulous fabrics to arrive – meanwhile life goes on.

Well IBFs – that’s it for now – hopefully next time I am here there will be excellent jeans and secret pyjama monetas to show – yay, can’t wait!