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Festivities on hold whilst sewing continues


Well I started to make the Colette Moneta in a purple ponte roma as I have been keen to make this for ages – well yuk and double yuk is all I can say – its a nice pattern and nothing wrong with the instructions but I really dislike the shape on me and also the ponte roma – just not keen at all.  The size XL bodice was not really big enough – it really pulls on the shoulders.  I had to make it with sleeves as I would never put my upper arms out for scrutiny and I think they make it look worse (sleeves I mean).  I am hoping I can use the pattern with more drapey fabric at some stage as I don’t like paying so much for a pattern ( a birthday present from hubby which means it comes out of our money!).  I don’t think it is flattering on me and also I had an issue with the neckband ( I drafted a separate neck band) and I must have stretched the clear elastic on the front skirt as it didn’t gather properly just in the very front where you notice it most….wouldn’t you know!  I tried it on back to front and hubby said it looked better but the neck band had the join in the back so you see it when I wear it the wrong way round.  I put the neck band on 2-3 times so I can’t really take it off again as the last time I dared myself to really tiny stitch it on with stretch stitch to last!  We’ve all done it my IBFs so don’t roll your eyes at my stupidity, I’ve already had strong words with myself, I need no further disapproval from you.

I’d like to show you my Bettine skirt – all nicely improved and salvaged from the Bettine dress – not yet……..but don’t lose faith, maybe soon or ….oneday.

Burda6534 jeans patternF5551Should probably be sewing the Deer and Doe melilot shirt (another birthday present) but crisis of confidence with shirts, bodices and the like so thought I would sew some trousers as I wear a lot of trousers and my M&S staples are on their last legs really or at least have been seen so often by all of the people that know me that I feel I should get an extra couple of pairs that are wearable into the wardrobe to show that I have more than 2 pairs of jeans that fit and relieve the amount of washing the favourites have to endure.  Have just acquired the Closet Case Files Mid-rise Ginger Jeans pattern but not quite ready for the intensity of effort that I shall put into those so thought I would sew the Burda 6534 skinny jeans with yoke, front and back pockets in View A, size 14.  Used a mid pink stretchy denim ( – when this denim was heavily discounted – enough discount for me to call these a wearable toile).


My measurements aligned with the size 14 so that’s what I cut and when I basted them together at the outset I thought that probably it was a reasonable starting point.  Once I had put them together though I realised that the stretch of the denim meant I should probably have cut a size 10/12 erring on the 10 side rather than 12.   I really like the style but would make a few adjustments to the pattern before sewing again.  The yoke is far too deep for me as I have sway back issues with most patterns and the depth of this really added to the pooling of fabric.  The waist was too big and gapey so that needed extra attention – the waistband was cut with a CB seam so that was helpful but I think I would add side seams as well to help adjust it further (due to never knowing how stretchy the denim will be and toile’s only helpful if using identical fabric and I don’t like pink enough).  Also I find that the Fly zip front is often too long compared to RTW so it always seems to look a bit odd on fly front trousers and jeans patterns.  Would really consider reducing that length next time.  Also I could have been neater with my fly front zip and pocket facings. Any top stitching I did was a bit ropey although I didn’t do too much as I knew I had to make fit adjustments and this would get hacked around. Thought the instructions were okay, although I did check with a couple of other tutorial instructions to be very sure regarding the fly front!  Oh what the heck – I like them – they’re comfy and I had the presence of mind to put usable belt loops on (all included in the pattern) and with a belt they stay up just fine.  Wore them today and no-one stared – result!

On a sad note – The sewing belle ltd did not deliver my Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress pattern or my Orla shirt pattern so thumbs down to them.  Had to work hard to get any response from them by email or messenger.  I eventually went through PayPal resolution.  Have not had a problem with them before and a bit disappointed that they couldn’t just respond to my query.  I note though that they no longer stock Tilly and the Buttons.  Hey ho hopefully a refund will be in the offing.

Well IBFs I’m off to put up the deckies – fibre optic tree already twinkling madly in a psychedelic frenzy.  Merry Christmas and happy sewing to you all.