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Happy New Year!

burda6534-jeans-patternf5551-e1515619316674.jpgOkay so the main event is over but unfortunately so is my beloved MacBook Pro.  It gave up the ghost suddenly and totally in the week before Christmas, taking with it all my Patterns and photos and 4 years of everything a laptop does in a modern life.  Did I back it up I hear you ask? Well just like my notches don’ always match when I sew even though I know in reality they must, no I don’t back up my computer.  Is there no end to the mistakes I make?

Well at least the sewing machine works.  Fancied making some trousers/jeans and not quite ready to sew the closet case file Gingers so thought I would tackle the Burda 6534 pattern, view A.  Had some nice soft stretch red denim from (on sale and now sadly sold out) and thought I would cut out a 14 which matches with my measurements.  Prepared to adjust the sizing and made some adjustments but after wearing them and adjusting them some more I feel that I could have easily cut a 10 and still had a good fit.  The denim was far softer and stretchier than any denim I have previously sewn with.  Beautifully soft and could have happily made some jeggings with this fabric.  Wish the fabric was still available or in another colour.  Pretty glad that I seem to be able to make fit adjustments on trousers and that so far have only really needed to take them in and shorten the crotch.

Burda6534 jeansF5542

Burda 6534

Getting back to my main aim…sew more things that I haven’t previously and challenge myself…. so …..tah dah…  New Look 6028 (size 16 and  tweaked down a bit) in glitter denim from Minerva Crafts online.  Lined with a red acetate lining.  Primarily sewn to test whether I can manage a lined jacket which is simple in style and fits.  Not sure I will ever wear it but I am happy that I did it and there weren’t too many issues, instructions good and I think I could step up to a jacket with a bit of detail now that I know the sizing is reasonable.

What do you think IBFs?  No.. hold that thought, not sure I am ready for comments, you might hate the makes.  Just view and smile if you can…..I’m just having fun.   Next comes the deer and doe melilot shirt, long sleeved and in Minerva craft fabric size 42.

The collar is better than these pics show and as I couldn’t face the usual buttonhole debacle I decided to torture myself with white snaps but also a hidden placket so I could codge it up to my heart’s content.  All good but I mucked up a snap on the visible cuff so I shall sew that one shut and no one will ever know….ha ha.  Thank goodness you are all imaginary or my plan wouldn’t work.   Could probably have sewn a closer fit.  Loved the French seams, so nice to get the raw edges hidden without tempting fate with the Lidl overlocker.

Finally…. the free Tilly and the buttons slipper/boot sew.  Help fromLisa Kisch’s And Sew On  Vlog…. thank you Lisa0 (and Tilly).  Still managed to get the non slip sole on the inside of one slipper but what the heck, one is virtually purrrfect and I have a great excuse to try them again….Yay!

Can’t wait to tackle some more projects…. might even make some ‘resewloutions’ a term Rosa from Sewn has coined recently.  Probably not… don’t need pressure!  Well that’s it IBFs….. Happy New Year 2018!