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Pleased at last!


Okay so it’s only one make but at last I’m pleased with the result… don’t burst my bubble you lovely IBFs by giving harsh appraisals of the finished result!  May this little ol’ sewist present to you all…..The Simplicity  MimiG Style 8174 tah dah…!  It’s taken most of this month to make and wasn’t helped by waiting for zips and magnetic clasps, the former being successful,  the latter being left in the packet as not needed  (actually just worried that I might not execute the precision needed therefore as it was an add on not required or even mentioned in the pattern, decided to abstain from gilding this gorgeous lily with those little blighters).  I followed the YouTube MimiG video for much needed help and double checked with paper instructions as needed.  I also checked out the site for any pertinent comments and tips which I always find helpful but such a time-rich task as I can’t just look at one thing and leave, I just have to look, comment, rate, find linked blogs etc, little of which is  necessarily related to the reason I visited the site in the first place.   Anyway.. did I mention how pleased I am with this ……ahem….on trend ……..Jacket?  Fully lined with some lovely Minerva lining fabric it’s made with brown denim from and the zips came from Minerva crafts … they were helpful in correcting the size of zips I ordered when I didn’t take enough time to check if 75mm was 6 inches…. it’s  not, 15cm is but I got side tracked trying to order other zips for my Style Arc Ziggi pattern… nightmare trying to match colour, size and type of zips when you need all 5 to match.  The metallic buttons used for the side and shoulder tabs were sourced from Truro fabrics who have some totally gorgeous buttons.  The magnetic clasps I was going to use on the collar to fold back against the body of the jacket (which I decided against) came from eBay and matched the antique brass of the zips and the colour of the denim brilliantly.  As I normally pick silver for zips and accessories I didn’t have anything in the stash whic caused the initial delay in getting going with the project.  For the style Arc Ziggi I intend to use silver toothed zips and may use silver magnetic clasps with that one as I will hopefully plan their placement at an early stage which will be less scary and as it may be constructed from faux leather, (which I have bought but am mildly worried about the slight odour de poisson that seems to emanate from it) the weight may need to be held by clasps and additionally the weight of the fabric will support the clasps….?   Rejoice, smile and dance I’m off to wear the thing…… no one mention the dodgy bits….. they’re intentional style choices!  Hope you like it too IBFs.  Happy sewing.

Getting more and more fed up

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Well it hasn’t stopped raining and I am seriously fed up.  Sat in the lounge last night unpicking my overlarge coco top I spied a small scurrying creature emerge from behind the tv and make it’s way across the room and under the sofa.  A bloody field mouse.  Hubby having let the cat in some hours earlier had neglected to do do the very necessary ‘eyeball the mouth check’ that is required whenever the cat returns home for food and warmth top up.  She must have brought it in to terrorise and forgotten her plaything when confronted by the delights of home. It must have waited, frozen in fear for several hours for its bid for freedom.  Anyway all hell lets loose as we come together (I call very loudly for back up) for the urgent room dismantle to hunt down rogue mouse 🐁 .  The upside is a super clean lounge and a mouse freed intact from the confines of a 🐈 cat’s playpen, the downside….this could easily happen again so vigilance required at all times and strict eyeballing of  afore mentioned cat’s mouth to be performed on re-entry to human habitat.

Back to sewing…..really happy with pink striped TATB Agnes top and blue camouflage jersey Vogue V9244 Marcy Tilton hooded Sharks fin hem jacket but totally sad that TATB coco top is a right mess.  Issues with size and neckline and also tension with sewing machine.  I’m quite fed up that a pattern I had so much problem acquiring and so wanted is causing so much grief in the sewing.  Fed up with PDF downloads….never seem to be able to stick them together properly, although Angela Kane does brilliant PDFs where they just butt together with no trimming.  I know you can get AO format and get it printed but I may as well have bought the printed pattern, I was trying to save money.  Anyway saving money has not worked as my fabric so lovely and soft and snuggly in a lovely muted orange and brown stripe is now chewed and distorted and in the wash pile awaiting a miracle to transform it into something wearable.  Am I the only person to think a good wash with a warm tumble dry will reshape and save a totally wrecked sewing project?

On the subject of saving money which always makes me think of Minerva fabrics, latest discount codes and calico from BST fabrics ltd, along with avoid Indie and buy the big four only when discounted  (high degree of organisation required), I broke my own rules as I was struck by the stylish lines of the Style Arc Ziggy Biker Jacket and just had to have.   No doubt I shall live to regret this choice as my skills are not great and I  will now have to devote time and dedication to tracing the pattern before wrecking my fabric (Minerva crafts again) and then moaning about it here to you my lovely IBFs but still excited for the chance to produce a fabulous garment that will look just like the other lovelies I have seen (pattern and pinterest etc).   Well signing off now….watch this space for the demise of some lovely fabric in the misshapen form of a Style Arc Ziggy…..