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Sewing March and April


Well its been a while.  Not really sure why I haven’t posted anything recently other than I have been busy sewing. I’ve posted a few pictures of my makes here but I have sewn a lot of toiles and cut a lot of patterns and downloaded a lot of PDFs.  I made a FarFar fleece Cardigan (Wardrobe by me patterns) for my selfless sewing makes and Hubby wears it (around the house!)  It’s not my finest sewing – I did the shawl collar version and no amount of pressing makes up for the poor cutting out of that band!  I rush things and don’t pay attention to detail and just want to get going, get sewing, get finished, look at a wonderful garment……probably just need to focus on getting each process done well and not be so keen to see the end product before it’s been properly assembled given the correct amount of focus and care

.farfar.jpg this is the offending Wardrobe by me FarFar which I made badly for the hubby but is wonderfully comfortable (for around the house at least).  Don’t judge the pattern ….it was definitely my careless sewing and/or cutting that caused the weirdness although some of it is poor photography as well!


I made the Sew over it London Chloe Coat……. eventually.  I bought the online class when it was on sale but I thought there was a lot that could be improved with the class.  I couldn’t discern a couple of steps as the camera work in places was not brilliant.  Having watched people like Debbie Shore and Angela Kane on YouTube and seen the way that they film their tutorials it seems a shame that Lisa Comfort hasn’t managed to do a similar thing with her online classes but who am I to critisise just look at my offerings.  There is a lack of pictures/diagrams in the written instructions and so if you can’t work out the video steps then there is no back up to look at.  Having said that I did figure it out eventually but I was really annoyed at myself by that stage and my fabric was really falling to bits.   I said I wouldn’t buy another online class after I felt a bit let down by the ultimate trouser one but there have been so many coats out there that I really wanted to try one and thought this would be my best option.  For some people it would be great but for me not so much. Other people have posted wonderful Chloe coats but I have seen a couple of comments that concur with my thoughts.  I did contact sew over it but they couldn’t really help without seeing pictures of what I was saying and tbh I really didn’t bother photoing (I’m not an iPhone touting younger person) each mistake and wrong turn, I was too busy unpicking, re-sewing, swearing, shouting, unpicking, re-sewing, swearing, shouting… get the gist? Eventually I got there but I’m not entirely happy.  Its a bit big and there seem to be a couple of glitches which I could fix but I’m going to put it to bed for a little bit and look at it in coat season when the trials and tribulations will be a fond memory of what fun I had making my first coat.   Having followed MimiG style sewalongs on YouTube and having had some success with the Moto jacket (8174) which I blogged about before,  I am quite keen to try out a couple of her other patterns and plan to do the 1167  and 8222.  The cost of the pattern on sale with the free video sew along on YouTube seems really affordable and although its not perfect neither were the online classes I paid for.  A bonus of buying Simplicity (MimiG Style are in the simplicity range) and New Look patterns is that my local sewing shop does a pattern club card where you get a pattern free once you’ve filled the card and then when the new season releases are out I will be able to get one of the latest ones free. As I buy the patterns when they are on sale it does make it very affordable.

Anyway here are some of the other sews:  brown denim Burda Trousers 6534


Here is the Chloe Coat from Sew Over It London:



There’s also been the Sew- Zoe Dress and a pair of PJ trousers with cats and dogs in lightweight cotton.  I think the pattern number is New Look 6216.  The Zoe dress I toiled in calico and made some changes and it looked pretty good but then I used this sort of chambray material which I have been holding on to forever and a day and its a bit too flimsy to hold the shape of the princess seams and inseam pockets.  I should have interfaced the pocket seams I think but also its now a bit big in the flimsier fabric so I will have to adjust it a bit more.  Not much point in doing the toile unless you use very similar fabric.  Never mind …try, try and try again.  Also please excuse the unfinished hemlines – sleeves and bottom hem – was waiting to adjust the fit first!


well thats it IBFs until I blog again.  Have some great sewing and don’t worry about my moans and whines…..I love sewing!

cross stitch mums cushion

Mums cross stitch. I had no idea how to use it so reverse appliquéd it into a cushion – could centre it better next time!