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Making for me



Decided to start using up some seasalt fabric and use a couple of patterns from the pdf stash that I haven’t got round to sewing yet.  The seasalt fabric I splurged on when it was on sale during the really warm summer.  As usual I didn’t have anything in mind but thought it was worth a trial for a bargain price.  Although I keep saying I am going to stick to the big four patterns I still have several indie PDF patterns I have not yet sewn.  The SOI Clara blouse style seemed too hot for this year’s summer but perfect in a lightweight cotton for autumn/ mild winter/ layering option so out it came.  I don’t think I am suited to understanding any words pictures or instructions of most kinds on sewing pattern directions so the neck pleats were sewn incorrectly as were the sleeve placketty things but this is a lovely weight shirt that I can wear.  There’s not much point in me saying what you should or shouldn’t do but if you even sort of follow the gist of the pattern then it comes together and is pretty wearable.

Obsessed with all things sewy and watching The Sewing Quarter, I bought the PDF version of Julia Fallon’s Sewmesomething Kate dress/tunic.  Loved the posted pic versions I saw and made my version in some  midweight cotton but …..


I don’t like the stiffness of the fabric and it feels too rigid and country kitchen aprons for me.  I wanted soft drape and relaxed elegance.  The gathers just look like poor fitting (not a million miles away from the actuality) and poor picture taking does feature in making it look even worse.  The fit was very generous and I did size it down three sizes but the pattern does direct you to make a size based on the finished garment measurements rather than actual body size. The finished garment measurements are very easy to find but being the first garment I have made from this range I cut a size allowing for adjustment.  Next time, the smallest size and drapier fabric (and probably more of a tunic length as that tends to be more wearable for me) will be sewn.

Next… a couple of alterations to my Chloe coat which I have worn before making the alterations but felt it would benefit from a bit of tweaking

Now you might think ‘mad cow she thinks this looks good’ but I am fully aware that it’s not of most peoples’ high standard but I can’t seem to take a good picture and all the small flaws that you wouldn’t see in the wearing stand out like massive sore thumbs in my pictures.  I feel the coat is now much more wearable and I am glad that I sized it down a bit.  I did struggle when I was making it originally and was on the verge of binning the lot so at this stage I feel much more relaxed and pleased with the coat and could even consider making another.


Used up some spare cotton jersey for a plain TATB Agnes and some panda print cotton jersey for another Agnes worn with the Silhouette Capri pants in linen, from the last blog.  Yesterday I finished the Vogue V9057 knit top which I chose to make up in view B size large but had to size it down by 4 inches in width and next time I will make it at least 2 inches shorter.  I couldn’t find the finished garment measurements otherwise I would have sized it down ahead of making it but I really wanted to use some fabric from the stash and chose a pattern that was uncut from the pattern pile. Unfortunately I only had the larger size ZZ packet so the smallest size I could cut was the large.  With vogue patterns I personally find there is a lot of ease and a medium would have been a better starting point.  Fitting my shoulders,  back and bust tend to be tricky as I often need to fiddle with darts and shoulders to get rid of gaposis but need to leave enough room for the girls and middle back.  I’m toying with a smaller high bust size and FBA but it makes it sound too involved but just as you abandon rtw sizes when you come to dressmaking you also have to abandon worrying about what you call whatever it is you do to make that perfect fit garment.  I never think of myself as busty so FBA sounds too industrial for purpose but I have this sneaking suspicion that this what I need to consider and it will only be a slight FBA but the shoulders etc might just fit better….who knows, I’ve tried everything else!

It looks like it’s pulling and wrinkly in places on these pictures but that’s more to do with the poses and poor camera work.  It’s lovely and comfy but a bit too long for my preference.  There are other style options which I may also try in the next makes.  The other styles are on separate pattern pieces so they can also be tweaked before cutting out now I know the large is too large.  Anyway IBFs off I trot to watch some Vanished by the lake… not exactly riveting  but I’ve watched up to episode eight so I may as well watch this last one.  See you soon for another round of ‘what I make doesn’t fit and anyway I can’t photograph it’ or ‘Invisible Blogging Friends delight’.