January Sewing 🧵

So begins 2020 with a stinking cold! Ah well just adds to the whole misery but sewing still beckons.

Simplicity 4149. Decided to use Minerva crafts viscose for this top and fancied statement long sleeves with flounce! Did a toile first and discovered that I needed to put darts at the back neck edge or the collar portion would stand away from my back neck in a very gapey way. Didn’t think all those clever techniques for forward shoulder or narrow/broad back/shoulder adjustment would work. The big wrinkle at the back is just my usual poor picture taking and posture! If anyone knows a better way of correcting a gape at the back of neck please enlighten me. The fabric was very soft and drapey.

Had summer in mind for this very floaty tunic but will need to tidy up my seams. The pattern advises French seams but I was happy that my overlocker would save me time. Couldn’t get it to do a rolled hem finish on the sleeves. Might benefit from reading the manual…..🤔. Struggled generally with the overlocker finish, think threading had gone awry but as usual I ploughed on regardless.

Simplicity 4149
Been in the pattern stash for forever

Simplicity 4149. Elastic waistband and material used from stash…great. My favourite sew over it round the house Carrie trousers are nearly through so succession planning led me to these. Really quick sew and so easy to wear. Took out some crotch length and needed to shorten them but easy to fit with that elastic waist. Made sure I put a small tab at the back band to ensure they were worn correctly. Wish I’d put some pockets in but next time maybe, have made notes!

Claire Louise Hardie (Great British Sewing Bee fame… series 2, 3 and 4 I think) kindly gave a new year discount on her patterns and I bought the Dawson Coatigan as I have lusted after it for a while. It was a toss up between the sew over it Cocoon Coat or this one and in the end given my lack of consistent success with the sew over it patterns I went for what I hoped would be the better drafted pattern and therefore more versatile for me. Plus Tracey Symonds from series 4 of GBSB did a shortish demo as did CL on the Sewing quarter (all still on You Tube https://youtu.be/1OtGLWPkpr8?t=12153) which got my interest in the pattern originally. As usual you can # instagram for all the inspo.

Dawson Coatigan (The Thrifty Stitcher). My picture again does it no justice. Fabric soft shell outerwear fabric from 1st for Fabrics. Pattern is unlined and needs decent seam finishing if you care about that sort of thing. Sorry about the picture, after I washed the fabric the pressing marks completely disappeared and I should have updated the picture. Excited to share it with you instead of taking a better picture.

Lovely pattern with feature darts at back neck, front shoulders and sleeves that can be stitched down if made on the right side or recede into classic styling if sewn in the normal way. I think I should have sized down on this pattern but first time of making I didn’t want it too tight to wear a layer or two underneath it if needed. The shape is lovely but I needed to shorten it on overall length and unfortunately discovered late on that the sleeves were about 1 inch too short so had to add on to the bottom of each sleeve by turning the sleeve facing into a cuff. I also added a couple of poppers to the front of the coat as my Coatigan was large enough to overlap and fasten. I didn’t dare do buttonholes but feature buttons would have looked nice. I took these pictures before washing the fabric. Prior to sewing I had washed and dried a 10x10cm square of the fabric ( I bought 2.5m of this fabric for the 2.5 metre requirement stated) therefore didn’t have much leeway to trial wash a bigger portion. The square remained 10x10cm post laundering but I still remained sceptical re washing the fabric. Knowing it was likely to be a bit big I waited for completion of the garment before thrill seeking the nail biting laundry test of the garment. During the sewing process I duly pressed the fabric with a press cloth, steam iron and used a wooden clapper. I lengthened the stitch and used a matching thread colour and a sturdy needle as the double layers of this heavyishweight viscose/wool mix was quite thick at times. It sewed well and was easy to mark with tailors chalk which brushed away easily. When I eventually washed this coat for 20mins at 30 degrees and tumble dried it ……it looked so much better…. no loss of colour…. no shrinkage but beautifully plumped up and gorgeous…still a little big tho!

Probably a size too big but plenty of jumper wearing room! This picture was taken pre washing and looking at this you wouldn’t think the arms were in any way too short but I think that’s just sleeve width and fabric weight making the sleeves look humungeous plus of course my lack of photo taking skill 🤨

Made two of these for my gkids 6 yrs and 2.5 years old. One was cars main body with plain sleeves and the other car sleeves and plain body. Pattern Made by Jacks Mum hot chocolate pattern. Stof of Denmark car fabric from first for fabrics and plain blue fabric (also stof of Denmark) from Sew and Fabric as was the navy rib cuffing.

Health wise I remain still here….anxious with every ache and pain or cough and sneeze. Life is not always easy but you get to live the one you’ve got so …..onward, stop bellyaching and get sewing. So IBFs hope you are enjoying your sewing too no matter what your circumstances. Overlocker manual here I come!

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